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[csswg-drafts] Small problems with CSS, JAVA & HTML that seems not possible without photo editor (#3738)

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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 23:02:46 +0000
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== Small problems with CSS, JAVA & HTML that seems not possible without photo editor ==
I have been hunting for the people in-charge of CSS as I have some concerns in regards
to our present day web designs that are just becoming cookie cutter designs & blocky styles.
Back in the 90's there used to be a web design group by the name of 2Advanced.
They created well animated sites, but many of their sites had a very cool thing about them.
Which is (out of bounds designs)  without using photoshop or other photo editors.
now fast forward to 2019, and these days, it seems out of bounds designs can no longer be created without some kind of photo editing program.
and almost every website out there are starting to look exactly the same, with the same cookie cutter boxy design as if the industry is now running off a template.

Is there any way for the people who actually are the creators of CSS language
and the people in-charge of developing the language and maintaining it, do something
about reviving "out of bounds designs". by implementing ( CSS Layers ), where someone can move several images on top of each other anywhere on a web page to create "out of bounds" designs.??
And also without is having to be restricted to an allocated box area on a page.
its a bit hard to explain what im trying to convey.  A friend of mine who is an expert at web designs tried to do this and mentioned that it can not be done without just slapping a premade photoshopped image that was previously made into an "out of bounds" design and then slapping it on a grid on a web page.  Which defeats to process of unique designs for websites that used to have out of bounds designs that flash based websites used to have.
He also mentioned that the only way possible (at the current time of him trying to do this) 
is for CSS to have the ability of having layers and allowing designs to append different images along with fonts on top of each other (via CSS-Layers) to create "out of bounds designs"
Imagine these photos where not photoshopped and imagine if all these image parts was different from one another.  Now imagine CSS being able to "LAYER" each image or font on top of each other via ("CSS-Layering") to create out of bounds designs.
Then imagine you can place that grouped CSS-Layer anywhere without having to be constrained into a grid or box.
Its a bit hard to explain, but I wish CSS would allow us to create CSS-Layers.






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