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== [css-color-4] Predefined colorspaces ==
Since the modified version of DCI-P3 in CSS 4 is the same as the version already in use by Apple, would it not make more sense to use the same name, ie ‘display-p3’ instead of ‘image-p3’?

[From CSS 4](https://www.w3.org/TR/css-color-4/#valdef-color-image-p3):
> It uses the same primary chromaticities as DCI-P3, but with a D65 whitepoint and the same transfer curve as sRGB.

[From Apple](https://developer.apple.com/documentation/coregraphics/cgcolorspace/1408916-displayp3):
> This color space uses the DCI P3 primaries, a D65 white point, and the same gamma curve as the sRGB color space.

‘Display P3’ is also used on some forums and in places on Wikipedia with the above meaning.

Also, for consistency, should Adobe RGB (1998) be named ‘adobe-rgb-98’ or preferably just ‘adobe-rgb’, and ProPhoto RGB named ‘prophoto-rgb’? This would make the naming scheme the common name but with a hyphen replacing any spaces, and possibly the year or version a hyphen-separated suffix.

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