Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] system-ui-serif, system-ui-monospaced, and system-ui-rounded (#4107)

Thank you for the detailed response, @othermaciej. Yes, you summarized my concerns fairly. But I remain unconvinced.

I still don't see an authoring use case for "match the system standard serif font" because most systems don't have standard serif (or rounded or monospace) fonts.  @litherum's proposal states that there is an authoring demand to access _these particular_ new fonts on Apple devices.  But that's different from the argument for `system-ui`, which was that many major websites were crafting font stacks designed to match the standard system font for each OS.

I'd also be curious to see any evidence of web incompatibility for changing the Times/Arial defaults — just because something would change doesn't mean it would be incompatible.  And if changing the generics is incompatible for a given website, then that website is probably already broken for many users.  If there _is_ a web compability reason to map the generic font names to specific fonts, we should put that in the spec.

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