Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] random() function (#2826)

> What would happen in case of unclear integers, e. g. rand-int(foo, 10pt, 5mm)?

rand-int() is integers only, not dimensions. But for rand-val(), it's not resolved until computed or used value time, so the start and end points are already fully absolutized, and thus totally clear.

> Could this be solved with counters instead, which are always integers?

Counters are... not something we want to build other features on top of. They have a *lot* of strange quirks.

> Before I comment on the proposals above, I just wanted to make sure we're philosophically on board with the idea of extending the capabilities of CSS as such.

*I* am, but I'm utopian about these things. ^_^ I've been thinking about randomness in CSS for many years. At bare minimum, exploring this space will serve as a great case-study for what we need to be sure that we expose for Houdini Custom Functions; I want to ensure that authors could create a `--rand-int()` function with this same functionality. So even if we never get this natively implemented, it'll still be useful.

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