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Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui] Unprefix 'appearance' and/or make the spec web-compatible (#3024)

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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:26:23 +0000
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The CSS Working Group just discussed `appearance`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLVED: Close this issue as addressed, then publish a new WD once pending edits for this spec are done.`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;heycam> Topic: appearance<br>
&lt;heycam> github: 1324<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: I can do a progress report<br>
&lt;heycam> ... zcorpan elika and I discussed this<br>
&lt;heycam> ... we reached an agreement<br>
&lt;astearns> github: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/3024<br>
&lt;heycam> ... last time we appearaed to have opposing visiions<br>
&lt;heycam> ... we no longer do<br>
&lt;heycam> ... we've fixed the high level mechanics part of the spec based on that agreement<br>
&lt;heycam> ... and there remained the details about small exceptions/tweaeks for web compat on top of that general principle<br>
&lt;heycam> ... the parts that haven't been made should be marked as open issues in the spec<br>
&lt;heycam> ... afaik we now have a model that everyone agrees about<br>
&lt;heycam> iank_: 2 sentence tldr?<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: the appearance property with a gazillion values for expressing UA sheet is not what we're going to do<br>
&lt;fantasai> Spec https://drafts.csswg.org/css-ui-4/#appearance-switching<br>
&lt;heycam> ... the model is based on auto/none, initial value none<br>
&lt;heycam> ... UA sheets to auto on all elements that need special behavior<br>
&lt;heycam> ... due to HTML semantics they'll look right<br>
&lt;heycam> ... that's not sufficient for webcompat<br>
&lt;heycam> ... maybe 6..12 values that are used by authors<br>
&lt;heycam> ... most of them can be made to do the same thing as auto<br>
&lt;heycam> ... we're not interested in allowing people to turn drop down menus into checkboxes<br>
&lt;heycam> ... if you use any of the non-none values on a form control, it will be its normal self, with a few special exceptions<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: there were a a couple of values that will work on other elements<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: like button<br>
&lt;heycam> ... to buttonize an element<br>
&lt;heycam> ... we have specified that<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: and textfield<br>
&lt;heycam> iank_: looks like zcorpan did a good job doing compat analysis based on our data<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: we're kind of close to the high level model we had previously, but the details that are necessary for web compat is mostly coming from zcorpan<br>
&lt;heycam> ... and both sides of that discussion is happy with the other<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: you me francois and zcorpan<br>
&lt;heycam> astearns: there were a few things remaining that should be spec issues?<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: there are places in the spec with issue boxes already<br>
&lt;heycam> ... details needed based on compat info<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: we should at some point resolve and publish a draft<br>
&lt;heycam> ... and continue filling in details<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: I need to refresh my memory on the exact status of it all<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: high level summary is: we have an appearance property, initial value is none<br>
&lt;heycam> ... it has the values none | auto | button | textfield and a bunch of compat keywords that map to auto<br>
&lt;heycam> ... UA sheet sets auto on most form controls<br>
&lt;heycam> ... then there are some tweaks for compat from now on<br>
&lt;heycam> astearns: that's in the ED now?<br>
&lt;heycam> fantasai: yes<br>
&lt;heycam> astearns: sounds like we can close this issue as addressed in the draft, and publish a draft, and open new issues for specific things<br>
&lt;heycam> florian: as for publishing, we should do it after I apply the edits from the user-select dicsussions<br>
&lt;heycam> ... I'll add those in then put a WD out<br>
&lt;heycam> astearns: so let's resolve now to resolve this issue with what's in the draft and with an intent to publish after the edits<br>
&lt;heycam> RESOLVED: Close this issue as addressed, then publish a new WD once pending edits for this spec are done.<br>
&lt;heycam> zcorpan_++<br>

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