[csswg-drafts] [css-syntax] CDC-token is ignored (#3623)

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== [css-syntax] CDC-token is ignored ==
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**Beau Brueggemann said:**

> In section 4.3.1, "Consume a token", under subsection "U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS (-)", there is an unreachable portion of the algorithm.
> The second paragraph here states:
> "[...] if the input stream starts with an identifier, [...] consume an ident-like token".
> Section 4.3.10, "Check if three code points would start an identifier", returns true when the first two code points are U+002D.
> This means we can never reach the third paragraph (under the U+002D subsection of 4.3.1) with the two U+002D code points needed for the CDC-token.


**Tab Atkins said:**

> Good catch! I didn't think of the ordering of those cases when I made
> the change to ident syntax.  Fixed.

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