Re: [csswg-drafts] Proposal: cjk-dir: new property for RTL horizontal CJK, as well as for vertical CJK together with RTL(Arabic, Persian, etc.) text (#3608)

> even if UA implementers aren't reluctant in implementing this feature, nothing is going to be hurt at worst.

Writing specifications take time. Writing tests take more time. Discussing these with with lots of potential implementers...

So we generally don't write specifications "just in case".

As far as I can tell, people who actually use vertical CJK mixed with arabic/persian generally use the bidirectional version where the rtl language goes bottom to top. I find it a little surprising, but that's what it is. So CSS as it is today does support international usage.

When I say I looked for evidence that the writing mode where both CJK and rtl languages go down, I didn't just look on the web. I asked a number of professor of arabic studies in Japanese universities, and the like, looking for any document that would be written like that. Maybe I just asked the wrong people, but nobody had seen anything like that before.

Even if it makes sense to me, I'd be reluctant to draft the feature without seeing a single real world document written like that.

I suspect they exist, or at least used to. The current system mostly make sense of you think of non-CJK text as primarily being english, and when you put some arabic into it, you do the usual bidi thing. But China has had many centuries of contact with Persia and the rest of the Arabic speaking world way before english was relevant, and I wouldn't be surprised if documents from back then where written so that everything flows down. But I have yet to see one.

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