Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-syntax] Urange and its problems (#3588)

> Firefox fails almost all of these tests, because in every single case (including the invalid ones!) it just returns exactly what the author wrote into `unicode-range`. 

I can reproduce this in your test case, but I don’t understand it when looking at code. [`FontFace::GetUnicodeRange`]( ends up calling [`UnicodeRange::to_css`]( which serializes two 32-bit integers.

When profiling though I see calls [`CSSFontFaceRule::Style`]( but not `FontFace::GetUnicodeRange`. (But this is a sampling profiler and I haven’t tried an actual debugger.) The former method returns `nsICSSDeclaration*` pointer that looks like it might not know about `@font-face` but rather pretent it is a style rule. @emilio does this ring a bell?

Now the parsing does [take a shortcut]( by taking a single slice of the original input rather than concatenating the representation of each token after removing comment tokens. This would make an observable difference for cases like `U+/**/1`, but doesn’t explain the results we get.

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