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== [selectors] Add :role() pseudo-class ==
In <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2015Jan/0004.html> (Oct 2014 Santa Clara f2f), we resolved to add a `:role()` pseudo-class, to match based on ARIA roles easily:

<summary>minutes excerpt</summary>
TabAtkins: jcraig suggested a :role pseudo
hober: There's a few problems. One is the impl RA roles on the
elements. When you have multiple roles on one element, you
get all of them.
hober: For styling you may want to style that as a switch or a
checkbox. Right now that's difficult in CSS.
hober: There's also the case of wanting to simply style all the
buttons on the page.
hober: You want to be able to say :role(button) and be done.

TabAtkins: That's convincing. Is there anything outside that?
hober: We can always add more.

glazou: You mentioned implied role. So some won't need an assigned
role. We'll need to refer to HTML.
hober: In CSS we say the host language has that.

dbaron: It's :: or : ?
TabAtkins: It's a functional class. It should be an ident.
glazou: Can you have multiple roles?
hober: Syntactically you can,
hober: But only one is active.
glazou: So if you have multiple roles on one element, it's
whitespace broken?
dino: So if you do :role...
hober: You can do role=button and role="super button". Or we
separate in the list itself.
glazou: So the role attr is multiple but the :role() pseudo is only
hober: Yeah.

dauwhe: dpub is working on adding things for role attr.
TabAtkins: Do you know if it will be consistent with this?
dauwhe: They haven't said. I'll raise that with them.

TabAtkins: So I guess that's simple. Objections to adding :role()
to selectors?
TabAtkins: So :role(button) would target anything that has a
button according to aria rules.
hober: It wouldn't match button role = checkbox or something crazy

dbaron: So people are okay with agreeing CSS won't do future
things to influence what the aria role is.
hober: It should be defined by pointing over there [to markup layer].
fantasai: We need to have another language that has CSS syntax for
that kind of stuff. Our stuff should be about styling.
fantasai: People keep asking us to put things in CSS that belong
in the DOM, because they want to use CSS selectors and
cascading to attach it to the tree.
TabAtkins: If someone would like to implement cascading attr
selectors in a browser shrug
dbaron: Having CSS do this side makes sense, but we can't do both.
hober: Should we have a note in the spec saying "you may be
glazou: When we had selectors we didn't have a note. I'm not sure
we need a note.
hober: Okay.

glazou: So no objections?

RESOLVED: add :role() to selectors

glazou: Who is going to write the prose?
TabAtkins: I will.

I volunteered to write the text, but clearly never did. ^_^

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