Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-highlight-api] Inline styles for Highlight should apply on top of styles provided by ::highlight (#4588)

@frivoal After thinking some more about this (particularly in regard the scenarios we discussed today), I'm starting to wonder if we really need to support inline styling of highlights as part of css-highlight-api-1? The .style property provides a nice convenience, but styling with ::highlight seems generally good enough. Additionally, in event scenarios, authors likely want to change the style for one range, in which case setting .style on an entire group isn't helpful. Instead, the author will probably add the range to a different highlight and style that.

Pulling .style out would allow us to simplify the cascade interactions for this spec and we wouldn't need to depend on the outcomes of [CSSPseudoElement]( Additionally, once CSSPseudoElement does support .style and its scope expands to non-tree abiding pseudos, we would be able to inline style highlight pseudos in the same way as other pseudos.

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Received on Friday, 20 December 2019 06:28:01 UTC