Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] Clarify that calc(0) is never a length (#4554)

Honestly, I'm not sure that @Loirooriol's quote is the perfect match here. The twitter tread referenced above seems to be about the properties that accept only `<length-percentage>`, so I don't see how the rule for _properties_ legitimately accepting _both_ `<number>` and `<length>` applies here.

As I understand the problem, we have two 'kinds' of the numeric zero value – the literal one and the calculated one – and the question is why the latter is different from the former when it comes to casting to `<length>`. The quote, on the contrary, considers two potential interpretation of the same _literal_ zero number.

IMO, the notion of the `<zero>` sub-type seems to be the better option to clear the confusion. Replacing

> (i.e. can be syntactically represented as the `<number>` 0).


> (i.e. can be syntactically represented as `<zero>`).

seems to completely solve the issue to me. 

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