Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] How to handle leading ideographic space sequences ? (#4180)

I'm facing some troubles implementing the handling of leading ideographic spaces, so before reopening this issue, I'd like to clarify some details of @frivoal explanation above.

1- I'm quite shocked about the statement that " the two U+3000 at the end of line 1 get removed." since this sequence is both, a leading and a trailing sequence at the same time. Are you sure we want this ambiguity to be applied on any case ? This would imply that steps 1 of 2 of Phase 2 produce the same result, even though ideographic spaces are not collapsible spaces:

> 1- A sequence of collapsible spaces at the beginning of a line (ignoring any intervening inline box boundaries) is removed. 
> ...
> 3- A sequence at the end of a line (ignoring any intervening inline box boundaries) of collapsible spaces (U+0020) and/or other space separators whose white-space value collapses spaces is removed. 

I'm not sure how to implement this behavior of wrapping the line, so that the "X" character is moved to the second line, but then removing the spaces that motivated the line wrapping. The fact that this is only perceptible if the space sequence has some specific style (background or underline) is also strange.

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