Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-adjust-1] Forced Colors Mode issues (#3860)

> ???

My reaction, too. But per [Wikipedia]( “Nit (nt) is a non-SI name also used for [a candela per square metre] (1 nt = 1 cd/m2). The term nit is believed to come from the Latin word nitere, to shine.”

I would not normally consider that specialized usage a conflict with the colloquial meaning of "nit" as "minor bug, like a louse", as in "nit-picking".  But if if confused a native English speaker like Simon, no harm, it could certainly confuse non-native speakers who work with computer graphics but not with English idioms.


All of which isn't relevant to @BillGoldstein's original suggestions, which makes good points, but is a bit of a mixture of items that need to be addressed separately.

@tabatkins, can you follow up on the typos?

For the `-webkit-` fill and stroke properties, we should probably discuss them in combination with the standard `fill` and `stroke`, maybe as part of #3855, about handling SVG.  There, I suggested using a `fill: currentColor` for SVG, but a `revert` could also work in that case.

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