Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-shadow-parts] PanResp (Panel Responsive) support: sizing expression mapping (#3874)

There is no way to avoid that problem; non-registered custom properties are never parsed into meaningful values until they're actually used in a var(), so the browser simple *doesn't know they contain a length* at the time they're declared.


That all said!  My second post outlining the implementation difficulties was on the money here; these mapping properties would be additional "must find computed value before everything else" properties, which are a bit expensive/complicated to add.

At the moment, your use-case seems interesting, but theoretical, and I don't think I can justify trying to push a large new change like this from it. 

However, please pursue your technique! If it ends up popular, it'll (a) tell us that we could help a lot of people by making it simpler to use, and (b) give us real-world data on exactly what works well or less well for users, so we can design the feature to be the best possible.

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