Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] Should zero width space break Arabic shaping? (#3861) (Date 2019-02-27)

says ยง2.3.1 "Updates to character properties [...] may be required [...] to change the assigned values for a property". 
"For example, U+200B ZERO WIDTH SPACE was originally classified as a space character (General_Category=Zs), but it was reclassified as a Format character (General_Category=Cf) to clearly distinguish it from space characters in its function as a format control for line breaking"

1) It follows that, as a Format character, ZWS can also serve "to indicate word boundaries" as raised by @r12a.

2) Is ZWS still a "risky" character for a stable implementation?

@frivoal, I didn't find ZWS as "Transparent" in the link "". Am I missing something?

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