Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-animation] Motion Blur (#3837)

Hmm, I think it makes more sense as part of `filter` — as that has been acknowledged as being shader-related or post-processing. Esp. as `filter` is a function-stack.

E.g. `filter: motion-blur(4px)`
Likewise `backdrop-filter: motion-blur(4px)`

The motion blur effect reminds me Unity's Shutter Speed Simulation from the GPU gems article.

I think if we can decide on a simple implementation like adding to the filter property, I'd be OK with this.

But motion blur might not be appropriate really for digital graphics, unless we are simulating a 3D scene and attempting photorealism.

Motion design artists don't actually like using motion blur, it's a common mistake by beginners. There's more to meaning in motion than blurs, read this article to understanding: 

And even for 3D scenes, there are ways of doing non-blur motion:

I'm a bit wary of global 'motion-rendering' thing.
Could I adjust the motion rendering between none, blur, smear, stretch & squash, etc per element? How can I adjust how much that effect happens? Sometimes you want to have super exaggerated effects, e.g. for slow motion or a cartoon style.

I am in awe the day when we will be able to do all these kinds of expressions of motion on the web:

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