Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color-4] Support high-contrast/dark mode colors (#3804)

How are the proposed `Canvas` and `Text` colors different from the CSS2 `Window` and `WindowText` colors?  Are these expected to be the same colors, but just with better names?

In general, I'd prefer not to introduce new keywords/aliases if there isn't a strong reason for them, since user agents are going to need to continue to support the old keywords anyway.

I agree that new named colors are required for the link and visited link colors. I think it makes sense to also include an active link color.  It's fairly traditional to have a separate color for that (usually red) in the user agent stylesheet, even if it's not a big accessibility issue.  I'd recommend calling them `VisitedLinkText` and `ActiveLinkText` to be unambiguous since there are other `ActiveSomething` keywords.

Similarly, Simon: do you know why `-apple-system-control-background` required its own keyword & couldn't use one of the predefined ones? Is it a case that Apple UI uses the same color for many different things, which might not be all drawn in the same color in a different UI?  Meaning: is this logically more of a color variable rather than a color of a specific thing?

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