Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align] Define `align-content: baseline` for flex containers

> Ah, spotted the issue with your "Scenario 2" - it turns out that we missed that column flexboxes just plain can't do baseline content-alignment, because the relevant axises aren't lined up.

Right, yeah.

> @dholbert So, we think the above commit actually resolves your issue. Is that right?

I think so, yeah!  Thanks.

> We thought you were asking to have align-content:baseline actually defined for Flexbox, but that's already defined by Align, right? (modulo the #3052 issue)

Yeah, sorry -- my github-issue-title here was perhaps a bit too broad. Agreed that it's appropriately defined (& now defined more clearly) in Align. My point here was that flexbox in particular had some special cases (column-oriented flexboxes) that didn't mesh with the general definition, but it seems fine now.

I'll mark this as "closed" (fixed by your commit above).

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Received on Wednesday, 10 October 2018 22:52:45 UTC