Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text-4] Propose 'text-spacing: space-first' (trim-start-except-first-line) as a normal behavior

First, thank you a lot for writing this, `text-space` and related behavior is an important piece for good Japanese typography, and  we need to work more on it.

As for this specific example, I am a bit conflicted. I think we should have an easy way of authoring content that looks good, and we should take compatibility with existing content into account.

At the same time, the authoring practice of using a full width space instead of an intent is bad. The fact that they have no choice because hanging punctuation is not implemented is unfortunate, but when the root cause of an issue is "a feature is not implemented", specifying another feature-that-is-not-yet-implemented is rarely a good answer.

That said, if we do end up with a significant ecosystem of content and readers that rely on this, this may force our hand.

I do wonder though. You said:

> Also, I believe the space-first behavior is good for general Web content, it improves readability and beauty of CJK text.

If both this `space-first` behavior AND the approach currently proposed by the spec (`text-indent: 1em; text-spacing: trim-start;  hanging-punctuation: first;`) were supported, would there still be cases were using `space-first` is a good idea (other than compatibility with existing EPUB content)?

We may still want to do it for compat reasons if the answer is no (maybe), but if the answer is yes, that makes it much more compelling.

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Received on Thursday, 22 March 2018 06:47:38 UTC