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Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-shapes] Allow shape-outside to apply to initial letter

From: anjia via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2018 17:07:38 +0000
To: public-css-archive@w3.org
Message-ID: <issue_comment.created-397826202-1529168857-sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Er, based on the discussions above, I have another idea to discuss.

Perhaps we could define the relationship between these two properties at first, `shape-outside` and `initial-letter-wrap`. The following is my opinion.

- `shape-outside` defines the external shape of the element as a whole
- `initial-letter-wrap` defines how to place the element in the specific context. And in this case the context is initial letter, then this property specially indicates how to handle its glyph outline.

About priority, of course, `initial-letter-wrap` priors to `shape-outside`, because it represents the specific context.

Then we recast the values of `shape-outside` and `initial-letter-wrap`.

#### Values of `shape-outside`
shape-outside: none;

shape-outside: margin-box; /* by default */
shape-outside: content-box;
shape-outside: border-box;
shape-outside: padding-box;
/* these above xxx-box could represent the rectangular shape of the initial letter box */

/* new values */
shape-outside: rendered-content;  /* or whatever it ends up being named */
shape-outside: grid;  /* be same as https://drafts.csswg.org/css-inline/#valdef-initial-letter-wrap-grid  */

/* custom arbitrary shapes */
shape-outside: circle();
shape-outside: ellipse();

#### Values of `initial-letter-wrap`
initial-letter-wrap: none;   /* by default, i.e. using rectangular box */
initial-letter-wrap: first;  /* the first line uses glyph outline */
initial-letter-wrap: non-first; /* the non-first lines use glyph outline */

#### Usage
/* 1. no setting the both, all lines wrap margin-box*/

/* 2. all lines wrap glyph outline */
shape-outside: rendered-content;  /* or some other name */

/* 3. first line wraps glyph and the others wrap margin-box */
initial-letter-wrap: first;

/* 4. first line wraps margin-box, and the others wrap glyph */
initial-letter-wrap: no-first;

/* 5. all lines wrap custom shape */
shape-outside: circle();

/* 6. first line wraps glyph and the others wrap custom shape */
shape-outside: circle();
initial-letter-wrap: first;

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