Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-transforms-1] Clarify behavior for gradientTransform and patternTransform

The Working Group just discussed `Clarify patternTransform/linearTransform`.

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;Chris__> Topic: Clarify patternTransform/linearTransform<br>
&lt;Chris__> scribenick: Chris__<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: CS transform spec introduces transform property.<br>
&lt;Chris__> ... has a presentation transform attribute<br>
&lt;Chris__> ... problem is with pattern and gradients. did not clarify where these can be specified<br>
&lt;Chris__> ... and order of application<br>
&lt;AmeliaBR> github:<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: blink allow on pattern element, onlt<br>
&lt;AmeliaBR> github:<br>
&lt;Chris__> ... similarly on gradient, but not transform attribute. Much like svg 1.1<br>
&lt;Chris__> ... so these are all for the same transform property<br>
&lt;Chris__> Chris__, so these are aliases to the same property<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: so content model does not change wrt SVG 1.1<br>
&lt;Chris__> AmeliaBR, that is what we wanted for SVG2 anyway, this is an editoral clarification?<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: no, currently they are all allowed everywhere. want to rever to 1.1 behaviour<br>
&lt;Chris__> AmeliaBR, ok<br>
&lt;Chris__> Chair: Chris<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: if they are both on the same element then we need to establish order<br>
&lt;Chris__> AmeliaBR, we had a couple different places related to presentation attribues<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: the PR specifies this<br>
&lt;Chris__> AmeliaBR, not as clear as it should be<br>
&lt;Chris__> krit: is the PR okay?<br>
&lt;Chris__> AmeliaBR, we need to update the changelog too<br>
&lt;Chris__> Resolved: explanation from Dirk looks good, accept<br>
&lt;krit> scribenick: krit<br>

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