Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-3] Default feature list should not require a list of features to turn on

Myles, thanks for getting back on this. I agree that Webkit is very nearly compliant; Fonts 3 requires **all** of the listed features to be enabled by default and thus the test I wrote requires all of them, rather than testing each individually. If I had done the unit tests, Webkit would be passing most of them.

Yes, not enabling `vert` in vertical text is certainly a bug. Firefox had the same bug, which I reported and they fixed.

Khaled, I agree. This will certainly break Vietnamese and Arabic (for the latter see [Developing OpenType Fonts for Arabic Script (3 of 3): Features]( ) but even for what Microsoft charmingly calls "standard scripts" (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Armenian) `mkmk` is listed as **required**:
[Developing OpenType Fonts for Standard Scripts](

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