Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-flexbox] Allow fractions for order

I'm not sure what the reference to S-B trees is about. Can you elaborate?

I presume the underlying desire is the ability to order some child C between two other children A and B, without having to make sure that A and B's `order` values are separated by more than 1?  (That is, is A has `order: 1;` and B has `order: 2`, there's currently no way to put C between the two of them reliably without just changing A and/or B's `order` values.)

If that's the case, I agree with the desire, and would like `order` (and `z-index`, for that matter) to accept a *list* of values, and resolve them in lexicographic order.  That way, given A and B as set up above, you could give C an `order: 1 1` or `order: 2 -1` to either place it after A or before B (which are implicitly specifying `0` for later indexes).

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Received on Thursday, 18 January 2018 19:53:17 UTC