Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-scrollbars] Add to Scope section that we intend not to spec WebKit pseudo-element approach for reasons

I'd also welcome any pseudo-elements based approach and would be really confused with the colors-only one, especially when looking at how scrollbars look at different systems and which “elements” contain: not all of them have arrows, not all of them have any 3d-elements in them etc.

The webkit's variant, while not ideal, provides a lot of control that can be used to enhance the experience of the web apps in a lot of ways.

As @SelenIT wrote, scrollbars are complex interactive controls and styling them should mean styling their shadow DOM. By default browsers can continue to have system controls unless any of the scrollbar's pseudos are defined (just like it works now in webkit), but when defined, each browser should have the same number of pseudos for scrollbars.

Custom scrollbars is a really common use-case, and without proper implementation we either get webkit-specific styles and ugly scrollbars in other browsers, which can make the UX much poorer (example: dark theme for a website with bright contrasting non-styled scrollbars which draw all the attention to themselves), or get some scrollbars that use JS which could have poor UX due to developers' implementation bugs, or we could get scrollbars to be hidden and developers to expect for users to use scrollwheel or gestures to scroll content, and that can be really bad for accessibility (non-visible scrollbars make it much harder to determine if an area is scrollable, some users can have pointer devices but nothing to scroll other than by using the scrollbar's interactive elements, those users just won't have any way to scroll such container with a hidden scrollbars).

Implementing the colors-only solution won't solve most of the use-cases developers want and would make them to use hacks or solutions that provide bad UX.

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