Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui] text-overflow: ellipsis when a word of different direction was truncated

@frivoal A case could be made that the non-bidi case (that is, the unidirectional case) isn't necessarily truncating "visually", it just looks that way :-). Consider a purely right-to-left text: it should truncate on the left side rather than the right side.

@kojiishi calls out that vertical presentation is *also* affected here and needs an answer about visual vs. logical truncation. I think that shouldn't be overlooked.

If the control is a "viewport" on an infinite baseline of text, that suggests a visual presentation (visual is certainly easier in that case; particularly I'm thinking about scrolling behavior, although cursor movement might be an adventure if the cursor is placed in bidi text---the cursor normally moves logically in text)

@matial I actually treated mentally each RTL word as isolated (as we recommend for insertion), as they are inserted into an LTR context, so logical:

> the world is full of SARBEZ, HPELE ...

And visual:

> the world is full of SARBEZ, STNAH ...

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