Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid][css-sizing] Aspect Ratio

> Why open a new issue?

Because it's a potentially separate feature, and has many, many use cases beyond being one potential option for ensuring aspect ratios.

> This issue is about adding a way to define an aspect ratio. And the ew unit is one possible solution for it, so it belongs in here.

Yes it sure can be discussed here! ... as far as it pertains to the use case of specifying aspect ratios. 

And the ew unit has many other use cases so it would sure be sensible to open a separate ticket in addition to that.

This aspect ratio ticket here might well get closed as soon as there's a solution which doesn't involve or require "ew" units - then there'd be no ticket for all the use cases that the ew unit solves (eg specifying font-size based on an some element's with).

> What should be discussed separately is the @element rule defining the element things like the ew unit relate to.

You wrote that `the ew unit is one possible solution for it, so it belongs in here`. All parts and aspects of one possible aspect ratio solution eg

@element #foo {
  #foo {
    height: 100ew;
   // eg plus minmax()

can be discussed here as long as it specifies an aspect ratio (and people are working on element queries anyways, see , so there's no need for a new ticket for that).

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