Re: [csswg-drafts] [selectors] Solve :visited once and for all

>I was thinking browser configuration (like: I have 3rd-party cookies turned off, but I safelist certain domains that can use them). But that really only benefits superusers who poke around in their browser settings.

Another option would be an API method that could be called from the web page that pops up a permission request, if the website author thinks history access would be beneficial. This seems most practical in the context of a larger JS API.>

A risk of asking permission, is that the user gives it without understanding the extent of what they're being asked for. Making it a browser configuration protects against that.

We're starting to use permissions more and more to push responsibility for decisions onto users, who for the most part won't understand the ramifications of what they're being asked. To give permission for something like this requires some fairly arcane knowledge that the majority of users simply won't have at their disposal.

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