[csswg-drafts] [css-logical] Explicitly define each logical property group

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== [css-logical] Explicitly define each logical property group ==
The spec says

> Each set of related flow-relative longhand properties and their parallel physical properties form a logical property group. For example, the padding-* properties form a single logical property group, the margin-* properties form a separate logical property group, etc.

The term "set of related properties" is ambiguous and the example is not clear enough. For example, I'm not sure if all `border-*` belong to the same logical property group, or if there are three different groups for `border-*-width`, `border-*-style` and `border-*-color`. I guess the latter suffices for #2924

To make it clear, in each relevant section I would explicitly list the logical property group, e.g.  in https://drafts.csswg.org/css-logical/#margin-properties I would say

> The properties margin-block-start, margin-block-end, margin-inline-start, margin-inline-end, margin-top, margin-bottom, margin-left, and margin-right form a logical property group.

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