[csswg-drafts] Poor description of :lang() psuedo class selector [css-3] [selectors-3]

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== Poor description of :lang() psuedo class selector [css-3] [selectors-3] ==

The draft says

> The pseudo-class :lang(C) represents an element that is in language C. Whether an element is represented by a :lang() selector is based solely on the element's language value (normalized to BCP 47 syntax if necessary) being equal to the identifier C, or beginning with the identifier C immediately followed by "-" (U+002D). The matching of C against the element's language value is performed case-insensitively within the ASCII range. The identifier C does not have to be a valid language name.

The "normalized to BCP 47 syntax if necessary" opens a can of worms. It implies that the user agent should take locale strings such as "en_US" or "it_IT.utf8" and normalize them to BCP 47's syntax if necessary (which would be "en-US" and "it-IT"). Please do not suggest that an element's language can be set with xml:lang="en_US" or lang="it_IT.utf8" and the user agent will "normalize" it to a BCP 47 language tag.

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