Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] Having overflow-wrap: break-word affect min-content size is not webcompatible

If other browsers don't want to follow Firefox to change the behavior, we would likely revert our behavior.

So far there are still four webcompat issues unresolved. Except the one which can be considered to be buggy either way, others are real regressions (even if you think it's wrong use of CSS... but we know authors do lots of crazy things already). Specifically, our release manager seems to think in the first bug is a major site, and consider the regression to be potentially widespread.

I also talked with @karlcow in our webcompat team and he doesn't think having `overflow-wrap: break-word` affect intrinsic size would even fully compensate the lack of `word-break: break-word` support, as authors nowadays may use `word-break: break-all` as the fallback of `word-break: break-word`.

If Blink can make progress on [their bug]( maybe we can try keeping the new behavior for longer and see, otherwise we would probably back it out.

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Received on Thursday, 16 August 2018 01:58:24 UTC