Re: [csswg-drafts] [selectors] Solve :visited once and for all

That's a no-op argument. What javascript brings in terms of problems to the user is a different domain. Javascript is meant to tinker with behavioral aspects and one can op to disable it and sensible web authors can opt to still gracefully degrade. Arguing that "because may do evil, then css should be able to be evil, too" means users got no choice. Separating css from js is not only a historical design accident (remember NN 4.0 which only ran css if you had js enabled) but is also a logical one with benefits for the user. If css is kept declarative and non-behavioral then privacy concerns will be small/smaller. The domain of js and privacy is another and should be solved over at the js-and-related camp (I certainly hope for a separation of js-std-libs into different parts that can one by one be enabled/disabled by the user, allowing for some js and disallowing other kinds of js).

Again: Why not keep :visited like it used to be, even relax its restrictions but hide it from the general brower profile to be enabled by users/web-apps. Little tech-debt and no privacy issues (with :visited).

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