Re: [csswg-drafts] [selectors] Solve :visited once and for all

Going back to Tab's post:

I agree that those 3 cases cover the main situations where `:visited` is both useful and of little privacy concern.

The first case should also be of minor implementation cost: you only need to filter out the visited list by the current page origin when matching the pseudoclass.

The other cases would require more implementation overhead, because the history list would need to track referrers for every page. So that might be best left up to browser discretion.

An alternative option would be for the browser to safelist certain origins (e.g., your favourite search engine) on which `:visited` could apply to cross-origin links without privacy masking. But again, that would need to be at browser discretion, and hopefully with plenty of transparency to the user about the impact of marking an origin as "safe" in this context.

All that said: For authors, having a fully functional, no-silliness, `:visited` pseudoclass for _same-origin_ links would help do things like [showing "unread" badges on article lists]( without hacking around with white text on white backgrounds.

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