Re: [csswg-drafts] Ability to style <details>/<summary> to be open (e.g. for print styles)

Big fan of @tabatkins idea...

> details::details-content { display: none; }
> details[open]::details-content { display: contents; }

But @Loirooriol, any idea how you could make this work with your `::contents` proposal? Even if the summary is a child of the details element? I know there are cases where the tree is shuffled around for layout, like `display: run-in`?

As an aside, could we also get a `::details-marker` pseudo element in the spec at the same time? I know webkit already has their own version, but it would be great to more seamlessly style the `summary` (or lack thereof) taking control over the generated contents arrow/marker. Could it be possible to steal the list items marker box `::marker` [pseudo element]( for reuse? Since it seems that...

> Fully standards-compliant implementations automatically apply the CSS display: list-item to the `summary` element

But make the `::marker` available even when `details` has no `summary`?

MDN Ref - [::-webkit-details-marker](

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