Re: [csswg-drafts] [web-animations-2] AnimationWorklet integration - using GroupEffect and allowing control of localTime

> We already have the getTiming().localTime member. I wonder how this should interact. Should we set it through updateTiming() instead?

So I take it that the suggesting is that we add the `localTime` to `OptionalEffectTiming` and `EffectTiming` dictionary. So authors can do `effect.updateTiming({localTime: 123.4});`

This can work for animation worklet usecases. If making localTime writable is acceptable in general then I am in favor of having a consistent API here.

> Previous TAG feedback has been that we should not have objects that get created by the platform without constructors.

This is an interim step until GroupEffect are fully specced and implemented. I didn't want to introduce a constructor that can later create conflict with what we end up using for GroupEffect. Alternatively we can allow an empty constructor which is not useful or one that take a list of AnimationEffects. 

> > Note: I choose to use a readonly sequence instead of of per this issue
> This seems reasonable to me but we'll need to think about how we expect this to be updated in future.

Turns out webidl sequence types are not allowed for attributes. So I suggest using a getter function for now and we can add an update function in the future.  e.g.,

interface WorkletGroupEffect {
  sequence<AnimationEffect> getChildren();

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