Re: [csswg-drafts] Support for shearing of lines and inline elements

> AFAIK, it is not common in publishing world. Maybe different in TTML usages?

Yes, as I understand it, shearing is not common in printing/publishing, but common in subtitles.

Below is a selection of pointers:

- thread at
- [SMPTE ST 428-7](, which is the subtitling format used worldwide for cinema
- [SST G1 manual](

>Can I ask where you got the screenshot? 

The screen shot was generated by [imscJS](, which an implementation of IMSC 1.1. See the [sample app]( and the following IMSC 1.1 sample.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tt xmlns:tt=""


      <style xml:id="s1" tts:showBackground="whenActive" tts:color="white" tts:writingMode="tbrl" tts:fontSize="150%"/>



      <region style="s1" xml:id="vertical" tts:origin="55% 5%" tts:extent="40% 90%"/>




    <div begin="0s" end="1s" tts:shear="16.67%" region="vertical">

        <span tts:ruby="container" tts:rubyAlign="spaceAround" tts:rubyPosition="before">
          <span tts:ruby="baseContainer"><span tts:ruby="base">山</span></span><span tts:ruby="textContainer"><span tts:ruby="text">やま</span></span></span>の
        <span tts:ruby="container" tts:rubyAlign="spaceAround" tts:rubyPosition="after">
         <span tts:ruby="baseContainer"><span tts:ruby="base">最多<span tts:textCombine="all">1998</span>年</span></span>
          <span tts:ruby="textContainer"><span tts:ruby="text">ルビサンプル</span></span>




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