Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-shadow-parts] consider putting more power on user instead of author

So basically, the only proper solution here (when you work in a company vs indie projects) is to avoid shadow dom components or only to use the extremely reliable ones. It's sad because shadow elements are really great except for the impossibility to theme them from an external perspective...

> The exact same users then complained that they were shooting themselves in the foot too much with /deep/, and were developing more constrained API shapes to protect themselves from it, ending up similar to ::part again.

Totally invalid argument ! As developers, we literally have god's power in the hands, we can design any apps we want without restrictions. Every developer could write a `while(true)` or really bad code. It's their responsibility only, not the responsibility of the language authors...

> At the same time, it turned out that /deep/ was expensive to implement as well, and we weren't coming up with any good ideas on how to make it cheaper without abandoning the entire "isolated styling world" idea altogether. (You end up having to copy all the /deep/-using rules into every descendant component's style, duplicating those rules many times over.) So abandoning it and returning to something more limited and well-defined was welcome on the performance side as well.

I have seen this argument many times, so it seems to be the real reason and the most relevant. But still, not really true: the developer should limits its usage of deep for critical situations only, and **he knows it will impact performances**. So the deep could exists but be used with extreme precaution, and if developers want to use it because they're lazy and don't care of performances, it's their problems, not ours.

> I closed this issue because this debate isn't new; it's retreading ground that we went over years ago, tried out, and realized our mistakes about. The question is more-or-less settled at this point, with far more than three people having discussed it, including all the browser vendors, spec authors, and many real-world authors trialing the features in professional contexts over an extended period of time.

Could you share please links ? Currently i have found only a few peoples involved which is far to represent the vast majority of developers...

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