Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-page] <page-size> Keywords

I think that there's a demand problem. While this not particularly hard to add, it still needs to be specified, tested, implemented across the board, etc. So that's still a non zero effort across for many different groups.

I expect that people printing outside of the A3 - A5 range actually know how big their paper is, usually, and that the pain may be very limited for them.

If browsers add support for these, adding them to the specification will be fairly trivial. But the hard part is convincing browsers individually that this is worth doing, and putting it in the spec does very little to that end, especially since what these should do is fully obvious.

I suggest you go open bugs on individual browsers, rally around developers wanting these to vote these up, and generally work at making the demand for this feature more visible. That will have a much better chance at making it happen than pinging this group.

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