Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-boxmodel] Totally missing one logical element.

I wonder if the combination of one thing that already exists and one thing we decided to add (but haven't done yet) would solve most of your needs for inner borders and outer paddings:
* Thing that exists: `box-sizing: border-box`. With it `width` and `height` apply to outside of the border, instead of inside of the padding, solving your problems about needing calc everywhere.
* Thing that's been agreed to but not done yet: multiple borders. If you want to add some padding outside the border, you could also add a white (or transparent, or whatever is appropriate) second border after the first one.

PS: I do not understand your proposal for edge and for box-fill

PS2: box-fill seems unrelated to the rest. Filling separate issues is usually better.

PS3: "I just wanted to you to be aware of this by the October 30". Thank you for the heads up. However, you should be aware that standardization groups like this one tend to make progress quite slowly. Things are more often measured in years than in weeks.

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