[csswg-drafts] Exposing Implementation Status

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== Exposing Implementation Status ==
There was a discussion in Tokyo about CanIUse panels that was supposed to migrate out into a conversation on how to better document and expose implementation status data. This thread is to start that conversation.

Some key points out of the discussion were
  - Microsoft has been making an effort to keep MDN updated wrt its implementation
  - MDN doesn't have an API to expose this information, but it could
  - Google is working on a tool to expose implementation data that can be gleaned from walking the object graph; this will work for many features, though not all.

I think some of the key questions here are:
  - What is stored? CanIUse has implemented/not implemented/partially implemented + notes per release per feature, which seems useful, but then what is a "feature"?
  - How is it updated?
  - Where are we going agree to collect this data? (Wherever that is, it needs an API.)

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