Re: [csswg-drafts] Please define how the various box tree fixups interact

> So I think we can safely say that the intent is for this example to result in a grid containing a block containing a block.

Correct. Your point on computation moving down the tree is correct - you can't compute the inner div's display until you know the span's computed display, and you can't compute that until you know the outer span's computed display.  The outermost one is well-specified - it's a grid - so that dictates the inner span becomes blockified into a `block flow`, which dictates that the inner div is fine and can stay its default block.

Nothing implicit here or relying on appeals to general timelessness principles, it's just the way data naturally flows in the constraints CSS imposes.

> I'm explicitly talking through what has to happen when someone adds a new fixup. How do they make sure it's mutually exclusive or compatible with all existing ones?

Yeah, there currently isn't a way. This could definitely benefit from, as you say, an easy link that we consistently use into the Display intro, and probably a coordinating wiki page like we do for other distributed-consistency problems in CSS.

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