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== [css-cascade-4] Normalize other common steps in the cascade ==
I brought this up in #411 but wanted to be good issue citizen so I'm 
forking the second request into its own issue since it impacts the 
cascade spec rather than variables. To provide some context as to why 
I would like to normalize the steps that occur for substitution along 
with the others (transitions, animations) etc is so that we can better
 discuss the impact of new features.

This issue initially arose when discussing variables and people would 
say they would hit a "substitution" point and was further exacerbated 
by @apply using similar terminology in discussions. When speaking with
 @shans and Elliot (sorry don't know his GH username) about the apply 
at-rule I was asking questions that implementations had hit with 
custom props, like, how many times do you need to run it, etc as there
 are performance costs and this space is already an area we always try
 to limit cycles if possible.

Basically, we should define within the cascade what a substitution 
step entails (brief summary of variable substation with link to full 
substation section of variables). And then the same for the apply 
at-rule. Additionally within each of these specs (as noted in #411) we
 should outline the possible count necessary to ensure various use 
cases still work. There were a few that didn't initially work with 
variables if you only did 1 substitution, so you need to increase it 
to 2 when necessary.

There may be other steps that I haven't noticed are missing, but it 
would be great to add those as well.

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