[csswg-drafts] [css-multicol] specification should define interaction between 'column-span' and 'column-fill'

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== [css-multicol] specification should define interaction between 
'column-span' and 'column-fill' ==
The [multicol spec](https://drafts.csswg.org/css-multicol/) doesn't 
define the interaction between 'column-fill' and elements that have 
'column-span'.  The definition of column-span says:
> Content in the normal flow that appears before the element is 
automatically balanced across all columns before the element appears.

I think it's reasonably clear that in a non-paged context, this means 
that `column-fill` is only honored in the part of the multicol after 
the last `column-span: all` element inside it.  However, it's less 
clear what happens in paged media.  Reading the text quoted above 
literally, the spec currently says that `column-fill: balance-all` 
behavior (rather than `balance`, which is the initial value) is 
required on any pages of a multicolumn element where a later page has 
a column-spanning element.

This should actually be defined in a somewhat formal manner.  The 
current spec appears to be more of a use cases document than a 
specification on this topic.

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