Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align] axis naming inconsistency - can we settle on the canonical name for an axis with the others being descriptive in context?

I'd like it to be less confusing for authors, because it _is_ confusing to authors.

If we aren't able to make the naming more consistent, then at the very least can we define and explain the terms somewhere, for those people who won't be doing archeology on Github threads to find out why the naming is so?

> "Also, that we ensure there is a clear definition somewhere of naming. As requested in the linked issue above. That might be in the individual specs - however for something like column and row this is already used in this spec to refer to table and grid axises, which might be an argument to define terminology here."

If we have a clear explanation then that gives those of us who teach people this stuff a single reference point to direct people to, rather than needing to pull references from across a range of specifications. I think that is what the commenters in the linked thread were also keen to see.

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