Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] Make 'flow-root' an independent keyword

> We'd just need a third name to mean "ordinary inline element, or a 'loose' block element".
> Maybe that can be flow?

Agree! It also is currently defined almost that way, so little change will be needed).

By the way, if we re-introduce the `block` value as the inner display type and thus fix the issue with `inline-block` blockification, do we _really_ still need the 2x3 matrix? Wouldn't the following be sufficient?

Short/legacy value | Full value | Result
------------------ | ---------- | ------
inline | inline flow | Ordinary inline box that the parent formatting context "flows" into
inline-block | inline block | Ordinary inline block
block | block flow | Ordinary block box that the parent formatting context "flows" into
flow-root | block block | Block box with the new BFC

The `inline-block` value would be in line:) with other inline-* properties. Other values could be unchanged. The `flow-root` value could stay a bit "special" because its primary use case is rather special, and it won't conflict with the existing `inline-block` behavior (although renaming it to `block-root` could be more intuitive).

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