Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] Make 'flow-root' an independent keyword

Okay, more naming thoughts. The reason @fantasai and I went with flow/flow-root is that Block Layout and Inline Layout are pretty intimately intermingled, far more than any other layout modes are. They're only semi-independent, and can be thought of as two fairly distinct modes of a single layout mode: Flow Layout.

Under this idea, then, the 3-way split I propose above is more or less "how much do your children mingle with the surroundings?".  So here's some non-serious naming suggestions that'll at least let us start usefully talking: {`inline`, `block`}x{`flow-loose`, `flow-tight`, `flow-root`}.

This gives us back `inline`/`block` as display-outside values, like I wanted, and groups all the "flow" layout types together explicitly again, just with informative names.  Then `auto` computes to `flow-loose` if it's paired with `inline`, and to `flow-tight` if it's paired with `block`.

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Received on Friday, 2 June 2017 21:30:35 UTC