Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-grid] Percentages and intrinsic size

I've ended up here again while doing some poking around at interop issues with percentage sizing of gaps. Currently there seems to be decent interop on `column-gap` as a percentage. Chrome, Safari TP and the Edge Preview all seem to do the same thing.

When I look at `row-gap`, I believe from the above discussion we expect that to resolve as per an auto-sized track. Currently Blink collapses the gap to zero if the grid does not have a fixed height set, Firefox is - I think - using a percentage of the height of the grid, however Firefox collapses an auto sized track down when it is empty.

Both seem to agree when the grid has a fixed height. Quick demo here:

I was going to raise an issue with Firefox, but I don't know if this was ever officially resolved on here.

I know this is still marked as at-risk in the spec, however an author pointed out a use case for percentage gaps that I hadn't considered. They enable the use of a grid layout component in a layout that uses a flexbox or float based grid, which relies on percentages for responsive spacing. 

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