Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-tables-3] Can we simplify empty-cells:hide?

> But, no, visiblity:hidden should also hide the backgrounds defined on the <tr> element btw, because it is actually rendered on the cell itself not on the <tr>. You can verify this is true in both Edge and Chrome. It looks like this isn't true in Firefox but this behavior is even more difficult to spec because now the table row needs to clip its background to the border box of the cells it contain and I am 100% positive I don't want to spec this behavior.

@FremyCompany  I think Firefox's behavior is more reasonable. e.g.
Case 1: `"empty-cells:hidden" + <td style="visibility:hidden">` ==> show `<table>` background
Case 2: `"empty-cells:show" + <td style="visibility:hidden">` ==>  show `<tr>` background (Firefox) or `<table>` background (Chrome, Safari and Edge)?

We are agreed that "case 1" should show table background. As to "case 2", I think it should show `<tr>` background. For these reasons:
1. As `empty-cells:show` is a default behavior, it shouldn't influence other properties besides `visibility`. So the result should decide by `visibility:hidden`, and `<tr>` background should be shown.
2. There should be a way to show `<tr>` background by using `visibility:hidden`.

This behavior should be confirmed. If it's decided "case 2" should show `<table>` background, then `empty-cells` seems have no power when it meets `visibility:hidden`. So it could be simplified. On the contrary, `empty-cells` could not be simplified.

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