Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] ::marker is not a box

Yeah, I just moved the warning from being manually added to a few sections to being generated by Bikeshed; the spec hadn't been seriously edited for years and wasn't using the newer Bikeshed features.

> `::marker` has been restricted back to what CSS Pseudo says, properties that affect box characteristics like `display` are no longer accepted.

Yup, Pseudo reflects the current WG consensus on what ::marker should be allowed to do, so I'm just deferring to that.  It's basically "what have people actually asked to do with markers", or "what can you currently do to markers by abusing inheritance and wrappers" (setting a style on the list item, then unsetting it on a wrapper around the list-item's contents).

There's no problem with relaxing it in the future, there's just no call for it currently.  If you want to do arbitrary things, you have ::before.  You can even use `position: marker` with `::before` once that's implemented, to get it to exactly mimic an outside marker.

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