Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-images-4] Add ability to change radial gradient focus

@bradkemper This is unrelated to background position.  It's about creating asymmetrical gradients.

Some examples of what off-center focal points look like, using the SVG syntax, so people know what we are talking about (click on screenshot to go to code version):

[![Nine radial gradients, in a grid, each one stretched to a different side.](](

A real off-center SVG gradient (left), versus faking it with multiple layered CSS gradients:
[![Two spherical shapes with a lighting effect, one of them much more smoothly lit than the other.](](

All the the major rendering engines already support this for SVG (except that WebKit doesn't support repeating SVG gradients).

For me, the spherical shading effect is the most practical use-case.  But the off-center repeating gradients are fun, too.

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