Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-3] auto cursor should behaves as default cursor except for text?

> >  > image maps (see #1618)

> > As far as I can tell, this could be done via the UA stylesheet, couldn't it?
> Not really.  It requires code to say that for images, if the pointer is in the area covered by an area element, use the computed cursor of the `area` rather than of the `img`.  (`area`s themselves can't really be event targets since they can be referenced from multiple `img`s.)  But otherwise it's doing what the relevant specs (CSS + HTML) say.

But that's not specific to the `auto` value, that's for all values of the cursor property. So there is some magic needed to make the hit testing work, and to make the inheritance go from the img (or obj) element rather than from the map element, as the HTML spec requires, but that magic isn't really something that belongs in the `auto` value.

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